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Keyword [fuzzy systems]
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1. Stability Analysis And Control Synthesis For 2-D Discrete Stochastic T-S Fuzzy Systems
2. A Pilot Study Of Scheduling, Tracking And Related Control Problems In The Presence Of External Environment Changes
3. Research On Neural Networks & Fuzzy Systems And It's Application On Face Recognition
4. Analysis Of Fuzzy Stochastic Systems And Control Of Stochastic T-S Fuzzy Systems
5. Control And Stability Analysis Of Fuzzy Systems Based On T-S Model
6. Research Of Image Segmentation Methods Based On Fuzzy Systems Theory
7. Stability Analysis And Controller Design Of Some T-S Fuzzy Systems
8. Study On Control For T-S Fuzzy Systems With Time-domain Constraints
9. Study On Fuzzy Modeling Based On Interpretability And Precision
10. New Approaches To Robust Filtering Design For Uncertain Dynamical Systems With Time Delay
11. Multirate Fuzzy Control Theory And Its Application Research On Direct Torque Control
12. Stability Analysis And Controller Design For Fuzzy Systems
13. Study On Convervativeness Reducing Of Stabilization Condition Of T-S Fuzzy Systems With Time Delay
14. The Filter Design For Time-delay T-S Fuzzy Systems
15. Stability And Robust Reliable Control For Classes Of Fuzzy Systems Based On T-S Fuzzy Model
16. Robust Dissipative Control For T-S Fuzzy Systems And Its Application
17. Quantized Feedback Stabilization And Finite-time Control
18. Research On Decentralized Adaptive Fuzzy Control Algorithms Of Uncertain Large-scale Nonlinear Systems And Their Applications
19. Neuro-fuzzy Systems And Neural Financial Prediction A Number Of Issues,
20. Stability And Control Of Time-Delay Systems: Further Analysis And Research
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