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1. Robust Control For A Class Of Switched Linear Neutral Systems
2. Robust Stability And Stabilization For Uncertain Time-delay Systems
3. The Filter Design For Time-delay T-S Fuzzy Systems
4. Robust Stability Analysis And Stabilization Research For Time-delay Systems
5. Singular Systems With Delay-dependent Robust Stabilization And H Control
6. Asymptotic Stability Of Delayed Cellular Neural Network Model Study
7. Networked Control Systems With Delay-dependent Stability
8. Lurie Delay Systems Based On The Right To Freedom Of Matrix Absolute Stability
9. Stability Analysis Of A Class Of Uncertain Neutral Delay Systems With Nonlinear Perturbation And Calm
10. Exponential Stability Of The Mixed Varying Delay Neural Network Analysis
11. Robust Stability Of Gene Regulatory Networks Analysis
12. Analysis And Synthesis For Time-Delay Systems With Actuator Saturation
13. Stability Analysis And Stabilization Strategy Of Networked Control Systems
14. Stability Analysis Of Neural Networks With Multiple Time-varying Delays And Uncertainties
15. Random Gene Regulatory Networks With Time-varying Delay Modeling And H_ Up Control Research
16. Unknown Probability Transfer Rate And Mixed Time Delay And Synchronicity Analysis The Stability Of The Discrete Neural Networks
17. Analysis And Design Of Networked Control System Based On Free-weighting Matrices
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