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Keyword [fractal dimension]
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1. Trans-Scale Registration And Fusion For Motion Images From Multiple Sources
2. Study On Methods For Color Texture Image Analysis Using Fractal Geometry
3. Research On Selective Clustering Ensemble Algorithm Based On Fractal Dimension
4. Scattering Of Fractal Structure And Design Of Some Novel Fractal Antennas
5. Statistical Learning Theory-based Iris Recognition Study
6. Research On Key Technology In 3D Model Retrieval
7. Research On Underwater Target Recognition
8. Image Pattern Classification And Retrieval
9. Research On The Model Of Quotient Fractal Based On The Theory Of Quotient Space And Its Application
10. Speaker Recognition Based On Nonlinear Dynamics And Information Fusion
11. Fractal Methodology Research And IP Core Implementation For FPD Grey Scale Controlling
12. Research On Speaker Recognition In Noisy Environment
13. Features Extraction Of Cell Images Of Phytoplankton Appearing Frequently In China's Sea Areas Based On Fractal Dimension
14. Study On Stereo Matching In Image-based Modeling
15. Research And Application On Image Inpainting Based On Texture Synthesis And Image Segmentation Based On Fractal
16. Research On The Application Of Fractal Theory In The Encoding And Processing Of Video Surveillance Images
17. Research On Identification For In-field Weed/Corn Seedlings By Digital Image Processing
18. Sedimentary Facies Analysis Method And Software Development,
19. Research On The Laser Direct Part Marking Parameters And Physical Mechanism Based On 2D-barcodes Quality
20. Signal Detecting Based On Chaos And Fractal
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