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Keyword [four wave mixing (FWM)]
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1. The Study Of Optical Signal Processing Technology Based On Photon-Liquid Crystal And Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguides
2. Tunable Wavelength Conversion Based On FWM In Semiconductor Fiber Ring Laser
3. Research On Wavelength Conversion Based On The Nonlinearity Of Fiber
4. All-Optical Wavelength Conversion And Fiber Super Continuum Pulse Source
5. Studies On The Four-Wave Mixing Based On DFB-LD To Realize All-Optical Wavelength Converter
6. Study On Optical Parameter Amplifier And Wavelength Conversion Based On Photonic Crystal Fiber
7. Theoretical And Experimental Investigation Of Four Wave Mixing In The Dispersion Shifted Fiber
8. All-optical Logic Gate Based On High Nonlinear Fiber
9. Theoretical Analysis Of The Characteristics Of Quantum Correlated Photon Pairs Generated In Dispersion Shifted Fiber
10. Study On Supercontinuum And Entangled Photon-Pairs Generation In Photonic Crystal Fiber
11. All Optical Wavelength Conversion Based On Four Wave Mixing In Non-linear Optical Fiber
12. Investigation On Slow Light In Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
13. The Study Of Transmission Baseband Signal Base On The Radio-Over-Fiber System
14. Study On Generation Of Entangled Photon Pairs Through Photonic Crystal Fiber
15. Analysis On The CO-OFDM Transmission Performance And Simulation Flatform Design
16. All-optical Wavelength Conversion For Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Optical Signal
17. High Speed Optical Signal Measurements Based On Optical Sampling Technology
18. Research On Parametric Amplification And Polarization-Independent Fiber Optical Parametric Amplifier
19. Fiber Four-wave Mixing-based All-optical Multicast Research
20. Research On Several Characteristics And Applications Of Highly Nonlinear Fiber And Silicon On Insulator Waveguide
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