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Keyword [fluorescence detection]
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1. Study Of Optical Micro/Nanofiber Sensors Based On Microfluidic Chips
2. The Research For Optical Detection System Based On Microfluidic Chip
3. Study On Micro-channel Electrophoresis Chip And Detection System
4. Microfluidic Chips And Organic Light Emitting Diode Based Fluorescence Detection Systems
5. Study On Methodologies And Applications Of Microchip Electrophoresis Coupled With Laser-Induced Fluorescence Detection
6. Used In The Design And Study Of Bio-chip Cmos Fluorescence Detection System
7. Study On Confocal Laser Induced Fluorescence Detecting Device
8. Research Of Spectrum Detection Technology Based On The Miniaturized Total Analysis System PCR- Gene Chip
9. Studies On Microfluidic Chip-based Sensitive Laser Induced Fluorescence Detection System And Its Applications To Integrated Biochemical Analysis Systems
10. Study On The Characteristics Of Fluorescence And Laser In The Na+-doped Yb3+:CaF2 Crystal
11. Research On Numerical Simulation Of Micro-fluidic PCR Chip And Fluorescence Detection Micro-apparatus And Experimental Equipment
12. Confocal Laser Induced Fluorescence Detection System Based On ARM9
13. Study And Application Of Millimeter Immunologic Sensor Array Based On Laser Induced Fluorescence Detection Platform
14. Fluorescence Detection And Image Processing Of Optical Fiber Embedded Electrophoresis Microchip
15. Confocal Laser Induced Fluorescence Detector
16. Separation Of DNA With COC Microfluidic Chips And Fabrication Economical Violet Laser Diode Induced Fluorescence Detector
17. Research On Micro-Sized, Highly Intensive And Multi-LED Integration Technique And Process Equipment For Biochip Fluorescence Detection
18. Application Of The Optimum Wavelet Packet Transform In Electrophoresis Signals De-noising
19. Graphene Oxide-based Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Biosensors
20. The Key Technologies Of Low Voltage Electrophoresis Chip Analysis System
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