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1. Study Of Optical Micro/Nanofiber Sensors Based On Microfluidic Chips
2. Design And Application Of An LCTF-Based Hyperspectral Microscopic Imaging System For Biological Detection
3. The Development Of Three-dimensional Super-resolution Microscopy System And Analysis Algorithm
4. Investigations On The Propagation Properties And Nonlinear Spectroscopy Of Ultrafast And Ultrastrong Laser In Combustion Fields
5. Spots Detection, Fusion Events Identification And 3D Structures Reconstruction Of Subcellular Objects In Fluorescence Microscopy Images Near The Plasma Membrane
6. Methodological Investigations On In Vivo Acquisition Of Target Optical Structures For Fluorescence Molecular Tomography
7. Development Of In Vivo And In Vitro Biological Molecules Fluorescence Imaging System
8. Design, Synthesis And Organic Light-emitting Diodes Of Bipolar Phosphorescent Host Materials
9. Study And Application Of Biosensors Based On The Nucleic Acid
10. Investigation Of Optical Properties On Ridge Waveguides In Crystals Produced By Energetic Ion Beam Irradiation
11. Study On White Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Based On Blue And Yellow Emission
12. Research On Inverted Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy And Image Analysis
13. The Research For Optical Detection System Based On Microfluidic Chip
14. Research On Super-resolution Microscopy And Instrument Based On Modulation Of Fluorescence In Time And Space
15. Creation And Sensing Application Of Reduced Okinoglitenyl - Based Novel Field Effect Transistor And Diode
16. Study On Some Optically New Phenomena In Opaical Microspherical Cavities
17. Synthesis And Covalent Immobilization Of Naphthalimide And Other Derivatives As New-type Fluorescence Carriers For Optical Fiber Chemical Sensor Preparation
18. Ultrasensitive Detection Of Gene Expression Based On Molecular Beacons And Ultrasmall DNA & PH Sensors
19. Study On Micro-channel Electrophoresis Chip And Detection System
20. Study Of Fluorescence Quenching Based Oxygen Sensors And Odour/liquid Sensors Array Based On Model Identification
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