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1. Research On Flexible Optoelectronics Based Thin Film Transistors
2. Flexible Electronics Pnlcd With Fpcb Environmental Testing And Failure Analysis
3. Preparation And Properties Of Oxide Films And Nanofibers Field Effect Transistors
4. Fabrication, Characterization And Circuit Design Of Organic Thin-Film Transistors
5. Inorganic Electric-double-layer Gate Dielectrics And Its Application In Low-voltage Oxide Micro/Nanotransistors
6. Mechanics And Optimization Of Island-Bridge Structure With Serpentine Interconnects In Stretchable Electronics
7. Multi-laver Encapsulation And Viscoelastic Effect Analvsis For Flexible Electronics
8. Study On Graphene-based NO_x Gas Sensor
9. The Numerical Simulation Of Stretchability Limit For Flexible Device
10. Study Printed Antennas And Wireless Gas And Stress Sensor
11. The Study Of Graphene Oxide Based Flexible Resistive Switching Memory And Spin Transport
12. Michinical Analysis And Simulation Of Bridge-island Structure In Flexible Electronics
13. Research On The Buckling Behavior Of Film/Substrate Structures In Dielectric Elastomer Based Flexible Electronic Systems
14. Fabrication And Performance Investigation Of Stress/Strain Sensors Based On Low-Dimensional Materials
15. Process Theoretical Studies On Conformal Peeling Technology Of Multi-layer Flexible Structure
16. Integration And Performance Of Flexible Bionic Sensing Devices
17. The Study Of Subcutaneous Implantable Continuous Glucose Monitoring Micro Sensor
18. Design,Fabrication And Properties Of Graphene Based Flexible Stress/Strain Sensors
19. Study Of Wearable Products System Design Based On Flexible Electronics Technology
20. Mechanism Research Of Rollers Peeling Process For The Multi-Layer Flexible Device
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