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Keyword [finite difference time domain]
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1. Study Of Improving Light-emitting Efficiency Of Thin-Film Flip-Chip LED By Nano-scale Structures
2. Imaging Theoretical Modeling And System Analysis Of Smooth Surface Defect Evaluation Based On Light Scattering Method
3. Hybrid FDTD Method With High Performance And Its Application For Investigating On Complex Electromagnetic Interation Processes
4. Studies On Coupling Model And Analyzing Techniques For Complex Transmission Line Network
5. Design Of Metasurface-based Optical Waveplate And Surface Plasmon Coupler
6. Research On The Characteristics Of Optical Antenna Based On Broadband Nanostructure
7. The Study On Optical Switches And Filtering Characteristics In Waveguide-Resonator Coupled System
8. Study Of Runge-kutta High-order Finite Difference Time-domain Method And Its Application In Electromagnetic Scattering
9. Study On Surface Plasmon Resonance-induced Enhancement In Photoluminescence Properties Of CdTe Quantum Dots
10. Research On Fabrication And Characteristics Of Subwavelength Metallic Grating-based Polarimetric Sensor
11. Key Techniques And Applications Of Parallel FDTD Based On Supercomputer Platforms
12. Hybrid Methods For Analysis Of Electromagnetic Scattering And Its Related Problems
13. FDTD Method Applied To The Transient Electromagnetic Enqineering
14. Research On Tree-trunk Scattering At VHF/UHF And It's Modeling Algorithm
15. Study Of Electromagnetic Modeling And Parameters Extraction Of On-chip Interconnects In High Speed Integrated Circuits
16. Study Of Some Key Problems Of The Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method And Its Applications
17. Study On The Performance And Miniaturization Of Microwave Filter In Wireless Communication Systems
18. The Simulation Of Three-Dimensional Microwave & Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuits
19. The Research On Planar Reconfigurable Antenna
20. Study On Wideband Electromagnetic Characteristics Of Stealth Targets In Low Frequency
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