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1. Reseach On The Characteristics Of Mode-locked Oscillator And Amplifier Based On The Large-mode-area Photonic Crystal Fiber
2. Research On The Multi-Wavelength Fiber Laser Based On The Strong Coupled Twin-Core Fiber And The Few-Mode Fiber For The High-Power Fiber Laser
3. Amplification Of Solid-State And Fiber Ultra-Short Pulse Lasers
4. Study On Fiber-Amplifier-Based Supercontinuum Source
5. Stimulated Raman Scattering In High Power Fiber Lasers
6. Study Of Thermal-Induced Modal Instabilities In High Power Narrow-Linewidth Fiber Amplifiers With Near Diffraction-Limited Beam Quality
7. Experimental Study On Single - Frequency Yb - Doped Fiber Laser And Its Main Oscillation Power Amplification
8. Experimental Studies, Analysis And Design For Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers With Low Noise Figure, High And Flat Gain
9. Study Of Wideband Fiber Amplifiers And Tunable Erbium-Doped Fiber Lasers
10. The Study Of Some Problems Of Optical Fiber Amplifier
11. Broad-Band Fiber Amplifiers And Light Sources For Optical Communication
12. Studies Of Theories And Experiments Of Distributed Fiber Raman Amplifiers
13. Theoretical And Experimental Investigation On Super-broadband Fiber Amplifier
14. Pivotal Techniques Of Broadband Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier(EDFA)
15. Study On Photonic Crystal Fibers And Their Functional Devices
16. Study On Double-clad Fiber Lasers And Amplifiers
17. Research On Gain-clamped And Broadband EDFA
18. Experimental And Theoretical Studies For Fiber Lasers Based On Erbium-doped Fiber And Fiber Raman Amplification
19. Study On Novel Special Optical Fibers And Related Devices
20. Studies On Key Technologies Of 1550nm Optical Transmission In Super-trunk And Broadband Optical Access Network
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