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Keyword [fault-tolerant control]
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1. Research On Fault Diagnosis And Fault-tolerant Control Of Time-delay Systems
2. Study Of Fault Diagnosis And Fault Tolerant Control Based On Adaptive Control Technique
3. Research Of Fault-tolerant Control And Single Event Effect Mitigation Techniques For Spaceborne ATP System
4. Cooperative Control Of Uncertain Nonlinear Multi-agent Systems
5. Fault Tolerant Control For Several Classes Of Intermittent Faults
6. Model-Based Fault Diagnosis And Fault-Tolerant Control For 2D Systems
7. Study On Schemes Of Fault Detection And Diagnosis & Fault Tolerant Control
8. Research And Implementation On Multiple Mobile Robots Coordination Control System
9. Robust Fault Diagnosis And Fault-Tolerant Control For Several Nonlinear Systems
10. Nonlinear Analysis And Fuzzy Fault-tolerant Control Of Complex Ecological System
11. Research Of Control On Time-Delay Systems And Large-Scale Interconnected Time-Delay Systems
12. Research On Satisfactory Fault-Tolerant Control With Multi-indices Constraint
13. Research On Fault-tolerant Control For Networked Control Systems
14. Research On Fault Diganosis And Fault-Tolerant Control Approaches For Time-Delay Systems Based On Observers
15. Fault Tolerant Control For Singular Systems And Singular Stochastic Systems
16. Active Fault Tolerant Control Of Dynamic Systems With Actuator Faults
17. Fault-Tolerant Control For Nonlinear Continuous Processes And Batch Processes
18. Analysis And Control For Singular Bilinear Markovian Jump Systems
19. Research On Fast Control Method In Digital Electric Hydraulic System Of Steam Turbine And Fault Diagnosis And Fault Tolerant Control
20. Analysis And Control Of Networked Systems Based On Stochastic Switching Approach
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