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1. Researches On Recovery Techniques Of Embedded Real-Time Database Systems
2. User Interface And Application Specification Processing For Embedded Real-time Database
3. The Embedded Real-time Process Management And Its Support For Real-time Databases
4. The Research And Application Of Human-machine Interaction Technology In The PAS-300M Distributed Control System
5. Research Of The Integrated Navigation Embedded Real-Time Database Based On VxWorks
6. The Concurrency Control Technique Of Embedded Real-time Database System
7. Research And Design Of Embedded Real-Time Database Systems Based On Linux
8. The Research And Application Of Memory Embedded Database In The Distributed Control System
9. Research On Access Mechanism And Predictability Of Embedded Real-Time Database
10. Task-Role Based Access Control For Embedded Real-Time Database Systems
11. Maintaining Temporal Consistency Of Embedded Real-time Database
12. Research And Implementation On Transaction Processing Technology For Embedded Real-time Database
13. Research And Implementation On Critical Technology For Embedded Real-time Database
14. Design And Implementation On Main Controller Of Network Attached Optical Disc Jukebox
15. Key Technology Research And Implementation Of An Embedded Real-time Database
16. Design And Realization Of Embedded Real-time Database Management System Based On VxWorks
17. Design And Implementation Of Embedded Database Secuirty And Reliability
18. Embedded Relational Database Test Based On National Military Standard
19. Research On The Key Technologies Of Electricity And Energy Efficiency Information Acquisition System Embedded Real-Time Database
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