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1. Study On The Growth Of InN Films By MBE And In N-Based Heterojunction Devices In Combination With NiO
2. Studies On Organic And Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Electroluminescence Devices
3. Silicon-based Electroluminescent Devices With Oxide Films Containing Trivalent Rare Earth Ions
4. Studies Of Electroluminescence Films And Preparing The Light Emitting Diode Devices Based On Inkjet Printing Technology
5. Interface Control Of GaN/Si Nanoporpous Pillar Arrays And Study On Their Electroluminescence Properties
6. Study On Thin Film Techniques Of Organic Luminescence And Lasing
7. The Study On Properties And Mechanisms Of Polymer Electroluminescence
8. The Study On Electroluminescence Of Organic-inorganic Heterojuction And Solid-state Cathodoluminescence
9. Study Of The Properties And Mechanism Of Organic Thin Film Electroluminescent Devices
10. Study On Zn2SiO4/Si Luminescent Thin Film And Device
11. Growth Of Single-Crystal ZnO By MOCVD, P-type Doping And Room-Temperature Electroluminescence Of ZnO-Based LED
12. Research Of Organic Electroluminescent Materials And Organic Light-emitting Devices
13. Research On Second-order Nonlinear Optic Properties And Electroluminescence Of Cubic Boron Nitride
14. Research Of Organic Electroluminescent Devices With Photovoltaic Characteristics
15. The Study On Structures, Materials, Properties And Mechanisms Of Organic-inorganic Heterojunction Electroluminescence
16. One-Dimensional Semiconductor Nano-Materials And Study Of Their Electronic/Optoelectronic Devices
17. Study On Performance Optimization And Influential Factors Of Organic Electroluminescence Device
18. Research On Multi-color Devices And Equipments Of Organic Light-emitting Diodes
19. Effect Of Devices' Materials And Structures On Their Properties Of Blue Electroluminescence
20. The Research On The Semiconductor Characteristic And Electroluminescence Phenomenon Of C-BN Crystal
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