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Keyword [dispersion compensation]
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1. Research On Key Technologies In Microwave Photonic Signal Processing And Radio Over Fiber Systems
2. Research On The Algorithms Of Channel Equalization And Frequency Offset Estimation In Coherent Optical Communication Systems
3. Research On Polarization Mode Dispersion And PMD Compensation In High Speed Optical Fiber Communication
4. Study On Spectral Characteristics Of Fiber Gratings And Their Applications In WDM All-Optical Networks
5. Research On Dispersion Properties And Ultrashort Laser Pulses Propagating In Microstructure Fibers
6. Research On The Theory And Application Of The Novel Fiber Bragg Gratings
7. Investigation On Fiber Bragg Grating & Widely Tunable Erbium-Doped Fiber Laser
8. Theoretical And Experimental Study Of Photonic Crystal Fibers And Related Optoelectronics Technology In Communications
9. Fabrication Technology And Sensor Applications Of Fiber Bragg Grating
10. Research On Dispersion Compensation Fiber And Module
11. Studies On Key Technologies Of 1550nm Optical Transmission In Super-trunk And Broadband Optical Access Network
12. Research On Theoretical Model, Structural Designing And Fabricating Technique For Photonic Crystal Fibers
13. The Fiber Gratings For Dispersion Compensation And Fiber Lasers
14. Studies On Key Technology In 160Gb/s OTDM System
15. Study On Fibers As Well As Fiber Gratings With Novel Materials And Microstructured Cladding
16. Theoretical And Experimental Research Of Dynamical Chromatic Dispersion Compensation In High-bit-rate Optical Fiber Communication Systems
17. Simulation Of Optical Properties And Optimal Designing Of Photonic Crystal Fibers
18. Research On The Random Access Two-photon Fluorescence Microscope
19. Study On The Fabrication And Properties Of Photonic Crystal Fiber
20. Compensation Of Dispersion And Nonlinearity In High-speed Fiber Communication Systems
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