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1. Love Wave In Ferroelectric Single Crystal Layered Structure And Application In Gravimetric Sensor
2. Analysis Of High Power And Energy All Fiber Laser And The Frequency Doubling Experiments
3. Optimal Design Of Highly Nonlinear Photonic Crystal Fibers And Research On Raman Soliton Self-Frequency Shift
4. Research On Key Technologies In Microwave Photonic Signal Processing And Radio Over Fiber Systems
5. Research On Phase Stabilized Transmission Over Optical Fiber Link
6. A Study On Photonic Generation And Transmission Of Microwave And Millimeter-wave Signals
7. Research On Metamaterials Based On Electromagnetically Induced Transparency
8. Theoretical And Experimental Study Of Slow-light Effect In Microfiber Knot Resonator
9. All-optical Signal Transformation:Theory And Applications
10. Investigation Of Key Techniques For High Speed High Capacity Coherent Fiber Optical Transmission
11. Study On Coaxial Interlaced Disk-loaded Waveguide And Its Applications
12. Research On The Functionalization Of Optical Microfibers
13. Study On Theory Of Self-similar Pulse Generation And Transition Based On Passively Mode Locked Fiber Laser
14. Research On The Algorithms Of Channel Equalization And Frequency Offset Estimation In Coherent Optical Communication Systems
15. Applications Of Microwave Photonic Technology Based On External Modulators In Microwave And Sensing Systems
16. The Research On Spectropolarimetric Imaging System And Imaging Quality Based On AOTF
17. Large Mode Area Microstructured Fiber For High Power Laser Application
18. Novel Time Lenses And Their Applications In Ultrafast Optical Signal Processing
19. Theory And Experimental Study Of Novel Microstructure Optical Fibers With Birefringence And Nonlinearity
20. Computational Spectral Imaging Based On Compressive Encoding
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