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Keyword [dimension reduction]
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1. Research On Technique Of Ultra-wideband SAR Shallow Buried Targets Feature Acquisition
2. Research On Human Action Recognition Based On Computer Vision
3. Study Of Multiview Feature Selection And Dimension Reduction Techniques With Applications
4. Research On Voiceprint Recognition Robust Technology And Its Application
5. Human Motion Estimation Based On The Probability Model Of The Latent Variable
6. A Tensor Based Image Noise Reduction, Feature Extraction And Classification Framework For Remotely Sensed Imagery
7. Research On Key Issues Of Image Classification And Annotation By Fusing Text Information
8. Research On Self-training Semi-supervised Classification For Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Based On Information Entropy
9. Spectral Unmixing-oriented Fast Processing Techniques For Hyperspectral Image
10. Research On Feature Extraction And Feature Selection For Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data
11. Research On The Term Weighting Scheme And Text Representation Strategy For Text Categorization
12. Spectral Clustering And Dimension Reduction Algorithms With Their Applications
13. Research On Key Problems Of Multi-label Learning
14. Rresearch On Space Division And Dimension Reduction Techniques For Fingerprinting Indoor Positioning Method
15. Hierarchical Manifold Learning With Applications To Supervised Classification
16. Research On Several Key Issues In Financial Time Series Mining Based On Feature Analysis
17. Studies On Dimension Reduction And Classification Methods For Web Mining
18. Research Of Manifold Learning In Data Dimension Reduction And Classification
19. Study On Key Techniques Of Content-Based Image Analysis And Retrieval
20. Research On Hierarchical Indexing Technique For Large Image Database
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