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1. Research On Key Techniques Of Deterministic Multiprocessing Targeting Multicore/manycore Architectures
2. Research On Key Techniques Of Deterministic Multiprocessing Targeting Multithreading Programs
3. Analyzing Rules Of Active Database Based On Propagation Algorithm
4. Based On Mcluhan-A Dialogue On Media-Theory
5. McLuhan's Media Theories From The Viewpoint Of Medienphilosophie
6. Interpretation Of Superficial Reading In The Perspective Of The Mass Communication
7. On Media Determinism:An Interpretation And Defense Of Macluhan
8. The Alienation Of People Under The New Media Environment
9. Research Of Scheduling Method In Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
10. A Research Of College Students'social Media Use Status Quo Under The Perspective Of Self Determination Theory
11. The Research Of Inherent Randomness In GNU/Linux And Its Application In Random Number Generators
12. Design And Implementation Of A Main-memory Distributed Database
13. Privacy Leak Analysis Of Android Apps Based On Network Traffic
14. The Application Of GNU/Linux System Randomness In Sequential Lock
15. Research On Key Technologies Of Post-silicon Debug For Many-core Processor
16. Implementation Of Membrane Computing Model Based On FPGA
17. Design Of Deterministic Radio Resource Scheduling Algorithm For 5G EMBB
18. Context-aware scanning and determinism-preserving grammar composition, in theory and practice
19. Verification des systemes de securite probabilistes: Restriction de l'attaquant
20. Sampling algorithms for probabilistic graphical models with determinism
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