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1. Research On Entity Evolution And Corelation In Web Data Integration
2. Identical Entity Matching Method Of Multi-scale Land Use Data
3. Research On Ontology Based Approaches For Disease Data Integration And Mining
4. Research On Some Key Technologies Of Service Oriented Data Integration
5. Key Techniques Of Spatio-Textual Query Processing
6. The Integration And Repair Of Heterogeneous Event Data
7. Study Of Collaborative System Integration For Multi-Source Heterogeneous Data In Multiple Formats Enterprises
8. Data Management And Integration For XML-Based Semi-Structured Data
9. Integrated Query Processing Over Autonomous Heterogeneous Data Sources
10. On The Information Integration Of The WWW
11. Multi-tiered And Bi-directional Data Integration Between XML And RDB
12. Study On Some Key Issues Of Biological Data Integration
13. Research On Geological, Surveying Data Integration And Three--Dimensional Cubic Quantitative Visualization Prognosis In Mine
14. The Research Of Critical Technique Of Resource Management In Virtual Grid Environment
15. Study Of Service-oriented Data Mining Key Techniques
16. The Study And Implementation Of Data Integration Based On Data Service Matching
17. Automatic Deep Web Data Extraction And Integration Using Conditional Probabilistic Graphical Models
18. Research On Mapping Of Heterogeneous Data Integration
19. Applied Research For Manage-Control Integration And Data Integration Of Chuan-Yu Region Natural Gas Pipeline
20. Research On Resource Virtualization And Data Integration In Digital Museum
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