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1. The Unsupervised Classification Based On The Cloude-Pottier Decomposition For Fully Polarimetric SAR Data Of Chinese Academy Of Sciences
2. Research On Kernel Learning Adaptive Modeling And Control For Industrial Batch Processes
3. Research On Data Stream Ensemble Classifiers
4. Gene Selection Based On SVM
5. Study On Image Restoration Algorithms Based On The Prior Information
6. Study On Blind Deconvolution Of Noisy Images
7. Research Of Classification Algorithm Based On SVM And Its Application In Data Mining
8. The Research Of Artificial Neural Network Classification And The Application On The Personal Credit Evaluation
9. Research On Face Segmentation In Face Diagnosis
10. The Application Of Ensemble Neural Network In Time-Series
11. The Study Of SVM-based Recognition Of Particles In Urine Sediment
12. The Research Of Underwater Image Denoising Based On Wavelets
13. Eukaryotic DNA Splice Site Identification Based On The Machine Learning Approach
14. The Research And Application Of Wavelet Support Vector Machines In Data Modeling
15. Researches On Deep Web Query Interface Determining Technology
16. Research On Soft-Sensor Methods In Erythromycin Fermentation Process Based On LS-SVM
17. The Research On Dynamic Ensemble Classifiers
18. Research Of Classification And Prediction Model In The Realtime Representation Neurons
19. Study On Human Infrared Gait Recognition Technique Of Hybrid-Dimensional Features From Motion Images
20. Wavelet Denoising And Roughness Penalty Smoothing For Slope Deformation Monitoring Data
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