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1. Research Of Object Detection Based On Contours
2. Structral Feature Matching In SAR Images
3. Research On Some Key Techniques In Medical Image Registration Based On Features
4. Face Image Recognition System
5. Investigation Of Truncated Projection Data And Contour Characteristic Reconstruction Algorithms Of Cone-Beam Industrial CT
6. The Research On Recognition Of Quick Response Code And It's Application In The Railway Automatic Tickets Selling System
7. Research And Application Of Contour Feature Reconstruction Based On Industrial CT Image
8. The Research Of Computer-aided Diagnosis System Of Breast Tumor Based On Ultrasonic Image
9. Gait Recognition Based On The Contour Feature And The Fuzzy Integral
10. Handwritten Digits Recognition Using HMM Based On Contour Feature
11. Research On Feature Correspondences For Fisheye Images
12. Key Technology Research On Contour Reconstruction Of Tyre's Section
13. Research Of Packing Problem Of Difform Parts Based On Controur Feature Location Algorithm
14. Image Object Recognition With Improved ART2
15. Research On Automatic Detection Method For Patching Image On Asphalt Pavement
16. Research And Application Of Pedestrian Detection Method Based On Human Head And Shoulders
17. Research On Feature Correspondences For Fisheye Images Based On Dynamic Programming
18. The Research And Development Of Embedded Character Recognition Technology
19. Image Recognition Of Various Fibers And Quantitative Analysis For Blended Fabric
20. Image Classification And Retrieval Based On Merged Feature And Contour Feature
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