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Keyword [constrained optimization problem]
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1. A Method Of Using Lethal Chromosome Of Genetic Algorithm
2. Research And Application Of Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based On Simulated Annealing
3. Research On Constrained Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm And Its Application
4. Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm Based On Strategy Of Control Parameter Co-evolution And Its Application
5. Research Of Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sharing Based On Evoluationary Algorithms
6. Vector Method Based On The Constraints To Maintain Quasi-state Physics Constrained Optimization Algorithm
7. Particle Swarm Optimization And Its Applied Research In Nonlinear Regression Models
9. Modified Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm And Its Application Research
10. Three Heuristic Optimization Algorithms And Their Applications In Several Control Problems
11. Heuristic Optimization Algorithms And Their Applications In Several Typical Optimization Problems
12. Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm Research And Its Application
13. An Improved Gravitation Search Algorithm For Solving Constrained Optimization Problem
14. The Study Of Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Based On Dynamic Penalty Function And Multi-objective To Solve Constrained Optimization Problem
15. Research On The Method Of Solving The Initial Interior Point Of Constrained Optimization Problem Based On Real-coded Genetic Algorithm
16. Research And Application Of Multi-objective Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
17. Nonlinear Cone-constrained Optimization And Nonconvex Nonsmooth Optimization: Methods And Applications In Management
18. Several Optimization Synthesis Techniques For Unequally-Spaced Antenna Arrays
19. The Research On Adaptive Memetic Algorithm For Solving Discrete Constrained Optimization Problem
20. The Research On Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm Based On Hybrid Swarm Intelligence
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