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1. Research On Placement Mechanism For SaaS Multi-Tenant Data
2. Research On Generalized Time-space Consistency Framework, Evolution Mechanism And Its Applications In Distributed Simulations
3. Research On Key Techniques Of Deterministic Multiprocessing Targeting Multicore/manycore Architectures
4. A Study On Image Characteristics Recognition Method And Its Application In Deaf Visual Recognition
5. Studies On Approaches Of Modeling And Querying Fuzzy Spatiotemporal Data Based On XML
6. Research On Key Technologies Of Replica Consistency For Cloud Storage
7. The Kinematics And Control Method Researches For The Propulsion System Of The Robotic Dolphin
8. Research On The Structure Of Multiband Shared Aperture Imaging System Based On The Consistency Of The Fields Of View
9. Procedural Textur Generation Based On Perceptual Consistency
10. Research On Computational Complexity Theory And Algorithms For Data Consistency
11. Research And Application Of Key Technology Of Address Space Conversion In Mobile Cloud Environment
12. Research On New Safety Assurance Technology Of Distributed Control System--Safety Kernel
13. Research Of CAPP Software Architecture Based On Domain Analysis
14. Study Of Load Balancing Algorithm Based On Process Migration Mechanism In Heterogeneous Cluster Environment
15. Studies On Shared-Memory Management And Optimization Technologies In Parallel And Distributed Operating Systems
16. The On-line Consistency Of Materialized View Maintenance In A Warehousing Environment
17. Several New Ideas On Information Security And Its Model And Evaluation
18. Study Of Some Key Problems Of The Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method And Its Applications
19. Sampled-Data Stabilization Controller Design Of Continuous-time Nonlinear Control Systems: An Approach Based On Their Approximate Discrete-time Models
20. The Stabilization Of Nonlinear Autonomous Sampled-Data Control Systems: An Approach Of Design Of The Digital Controller Based On Their Approximated Linearization Models
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