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1. Structural Design And Key Property Analysis Of Novel Photonic Crystal Fibers
2. Study On The Gas Sensing Character Of Photonic Crystal Fibers
3. The Structural Design And The Characteristic Analyze Of Photonic Crystal Fibers
4. The Design And Analysis On Two Zero-Dispersion Of Photonic Crystal Fibers
5. Research On The Dispersion And Bandgap Properties Of New Photonic Crystal Fibres
6. Research On The Double Cladding Photonic Crystal Fibres And Laser Glass
7. Experimental And Theoretical Investigation On Numerical Aperture And Mode Field Diameter Of Pcf
8. Research On High Nonlinear And Dispersion Flattened Microstructured Fibers
9. Study On The Random-hole Optical Fiber
10. Research On Design And Application Of Novel Microstructured Optical Fibers
11. Research On The Confinement Loss And Dispersion In W-type Photonic Crystal Fibers
12. Design And Characteristics Of Microstructure Special Optic Fibers
13. Reaearch On The Properties Of All-solid Photonic Crystal Fibers
14. The Study On The Hybrid Ordered Random-hole Optical Fiber And The Transmission Property Of Optical Soliton
15. Design Of Novel Photonic Crystal Fiber And Sensing Applications
16. Research On Spoof Surface Plasmon Polaritons And Confined Waveguides
17. The Research On Dispersion Compensation Of Photonic Crystal Fibers
18. The Characteristics Research Of Metallic Core Microstructured Fibers
19. Study On Characteristics Of Multi-core Photonic Crystal Fibers
20. Study On Microstructured Low Loss THz Fiber And Fiber Sensing Technology
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