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Keyword [computer vision]
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1. Research On Biologically Inspired Object Recognition Algorithms
2. Research On The Theory And Method Of Construction Project Supervision Based On Computer Vision Technology
3. A Study Of Computer Vision Based On Geometric Algebra
4. Research On Human Action Recognition Based On Computer Vision
5. Research On Key Technology Of Visual Object Detection And Segmentation
6. A Study Of Object Tracking In Complex Scenes Based On Compute Vision
7. Research Of Vehicle Tracking Methods Based On Particle Filter And Incremental Learning
8. Study On Mapping Of Visual Gesture Interaction
9. Vision-based Motion Human Feature Description And Behavior Recognition Research
10. Research On Hardware Architecture For Real-time Visual Feature Detection And Matching
11. Research On Fast Segmentation Based Stereo Matching
12. Study On Extraction And Pattern Recognition Of Fashion Flat Sketches
13. Image Representation Models Based On Local Features: Theory And Practise
14. Research On Computer Vision Based Human Action Recognition Technology
15. Research And Application On Computer Vision Inspection Based On Forward Looking Video
16. Research On Key Theories And Technologies For Detecting Pedestrian Traffic Information Based On Computer Vision
17. Research On Video Based Human Objecet Tracking And Recognition
18. Study On Camera Calibration And Point Cloud Registration In Computer Vision
19. Study On Fast Acquisition And Processing Technology For Computer Vision Information In Apple Automatic Grading
20. Study On The Theory And Techniques For Micro-Computer Vision System
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