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Keyword [compressive sensing]
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1. Research And Implementation Of Highly Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Nodes
2. Research On Technologies Of Networking In Wireless Sensor Network For Structural Health Monitoring
3. Multi-aspect SAR Imaging And Feature Extraction
4. Compressive Imaging Theory And System Design In Optical Remote Sensing
5. Research On Highly Undersampled Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction Based On Multiscale Geometric Analysis And Dictionary Learning
6. Research On The Key Processing Technologies For The Reconnaissance Of Fhss Signals With Single Or Multiple Channels
7. Research On Approaches And Applications To Compressive Sensing Sparse Signal Recovery From Magnitude/Phase Measurement
8. Research On Data Gathering,Restoration And Compression Based On Sparse Representation
9. Research On Radar High Resolutionimaging Technologies Based On Compressive Sensing
10. Compressive Sensing Based Channel Estimation Method For Hybrid Satellite-terrestrial OFDM Communication Systems
11. Imaging And Discrimination Of BOR Targets Based On Compressive Sensing Theory
12. Research On Some Key Algorithms Of Audio Digital Watermarking
13. Semi-fragile Video Content Authentication Based On Digital Watermarking
14. Research On Information Processing And Transmission Technologies Based On Compressive Sensing In Wireless Sensor Networks
15. Research On Generalized OMP Algorithm And Dictionaries Construction In Compressive Sensing
16. Error Modeling And Image Quality Improving Method In Optical Remote Sensing Imaging
17. Study Of Limited Channel Feedback Techniques For Wireless Communications
18. The Study On The Reconstruction Technology Of Compressive Sensing
19. Research On Wireless Sensor Network Localization Based On Compressive Sensing
20. Research On The Unmixed Technology Of Hyper Spectral Image On Compressive Sensing
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