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1. Study On The Preparation And Gas Sensitive Property Of Organic Thin Film Transistors
2. Study On The Novel Enzyme Biosensors And Their Applications For The Analysis Of The Environmental Toxic Substances
3. Gas Sensitive Properties Research Of Composite Semiconductor Film Fabricated By Self-assembly
4. The Application Of Conducting And Non-conducting Polymers In The Glucose Biosensors
5. Preparation Of Enzyme And DNA Electrochemical Sensors And The Immobilization Methodology Of Related Bio-materials
6. Studies On The Application Of Carbon Nanotubes Composite Film Modified Electrodes In Biosensors
7. Preparation And Characterization Of Polyaniline Composite Film Gas Sensors
8. Gas-sensitive Polyaniline / Oxide Composite Film Preparation
9. The Application Of Attapulgite Clay Modified Electrode In The Electrochemical Sensors
10. Gas Sensitive Study On Stearic Acid And Its Composite Thin Film Optical Waveguide Sensing Element
11. Study On Porous Silicon Based Composite Film Gas Sensors
12. Fabrication And Properties Ofβ-Ga2O3 Film And Its Composite Films By Laser Molecular Beam Epitaxy
13. Study On Electrochemiluminescence Sensor Using The Ru(bipy)32+ Doped SiO2Nanoparticles-urushiol Composite Film Modified Electrode
14. Based On TiO2Nanotube Arrays And Polyer Composite Film Epichlorohydrin Electrochemical Sensing
15. Optical Nonlinear Properties Of CdSeS Quantum Dots And Its Composite Film
16. Organic - Metal Composite Optical Storage Medium And Shape Controllable Cuscn Particle Research
17. Preparation Of Formaldehyde OTFT Gas Sensor
18. Study On Structure Characterization And Photoelectric Properties Of ZnO And Cu2O Films Synthesized By Electrochemical Deposition
19. Preparation And Photovoltaic Performance Of Polyoxometalate/Semiconductor Composite Film
20. Preparation And Properties Of Organic Thin Film Transistor Gas Sensors
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