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Keyword [collision attack]
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1. Cryptanalysis Of Advanced Encryption Standard
2. Cryptanalysis Of The Hash Functions RIPEMD-128 And HMAC-MD4
3. Cryptanalysis Of Hash Functions And HMAC/NMAC
4. Cryptanalysis Of Hash Function And Block Ciphers
5. Research On Design And Application Of Cryptographic Hash Functions
6. Research On Cryptographic Hash Functions
7. Theory,Method And Application Of Multiset Attack
8. Cryptanalysis Of The Reduced HASH Functions SHA-256 And SHA-512
9. The Application Of Hash Collision Research To XML Digital Signature
10. Security Analysis And Design Of The Hash Functions
11. Cryptanalysis And Research On The Collision Of Hash Functions In Cryptography
12. Analysis And Research Of SHA-0 Collision Attack
13. Research On The Cryptanalysis Methods Of Hash Functions
14. Research Of Attack Technology Of Hash Function MD5
15. Analysis Of Blockcipher CLEFIA
16. Research And Application On The Rebound Attack Of Hash Function Based On AES Structure
17. Research Of Attack Methods On Hash Function BLAKE
18. Research On Hash Function Analysis Method Of SHA Series Based On ARX
19. Cryptanalysis Of The Reduced SHA-2 Algorithm
20. Research On Key Technologies Of Cryptographic System On A Chip
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