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1. Researches On Optimization Modeling Methods Of Support Vector Machine
2. Study On Sub-compartment Division Of Tianshan Forest Based On High Spatial Resolution Satellite Images And Multi-Scale Image Segmentation Methods
3. Research Of Monocular Vision Based Target Tracking And Positioning Techniques
4. Research About Feature Selection And Classification For Interactive Feature Of High-dimensinal Data
5. Research On Classification Methods For Textual Data Stream Based On Clustering Forest
6. A Novel Multi-grouped Graph Bayesian Classi?cation Model
7. Research On Community Detection And Classification In Networked Data Using Probabilistic Generative Models
8. Study Of Hypergraph Learning Algorithms On Image Feature Extraction And Classification
9. Research On Key Issues In Internet Traffic Classification
10. Research On Feature Extraction And Classification Of Speech Emotion Recognition
11. Research On Acoustic Feature Analysis In Audio Retrieval
12. Research On Text Macro Feature Extraction And Centroid-based Automatic Classification Methods
13. Research On Key Technologies Of Machine Learning Based Traffic Identification
14. Research On The Classification Of Non Time-sequential Image And Time-sequential Speech
15. Research On Classification Problems And Algorithms For High Dimensional Data
16. Research On Minimum Squared Errorbased Face Feature Extraction And Classification Algorithms
17. Dimensionality Reduction And Classification Of High-dimensional Data Using Cosine Metric
18. PolSAR Terrain Classification Based On Ensemble Learning And Feature Selection
19. Complex Image Classification By Sparse Feature Learning
20. Methods For Modulation Classification Using Multiple Cumulants
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