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Keyword [chromatic dispersion]
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1. Research On Key Technologies In Microwave Photonic Signal Processing And Radio Over Fiber Systems
2. Investigation Of Key Techniques For High Speed High Capacity Coherent Fiber Optical Transmission
3. Research On The Algorithms Of Channel Equalization And Frequency Offset Estimation In Coherent Optical Communication Systems
4. Applications Of Microwave Photonic Technology Based On External Modulators In Microwave And Sensing Systems
5. Research On Dispersion Properties And Ultrashort Laser Pulses Propagating In Microstructure Fibers
6. Theoretical And Experimental Research Of Dynamical Chromatic Dispersion Compensation In High-bit-rate Optical Fiber Communication Systems
7. Research On The Characteristics Of Chromatic Dispersion And Nonlinearity In Photonic Crystal Fibers
8. Research On Advanced Modulation Formats And Their Applications In Radio-over-Fiber System
9. Research On Advanced Modulation Formats And Their Applications In Radio-over-Fiber System
10. In The High-speed Optical Fiber Communication Systems, Polarization Mode Dispersion Dynamic Compensation
11. Investigation Of High-precision Chromatic Dispersion Management Technology For Ultra-high Speed Optical Transmission System
12. Electronic Dispersion Compensation And Carrier Phase Estimation In High Speed Coherent Optical Transmission System
13. The Analysis And Simulation Of Application Of Diffractive Optical Elements In Imaging Spectrum
14. Study Of Dispersion Compensator Based On F-P Etalon
15. Research Of Dynamic Chromatic Dispersion Monitoring Technique In 40Gbps Fiber Communication Systems
16. Study On Dispersion Properties Of Microstructure Fibers
17. The Theoretical And Experimental Study On Radio Over Fiber System
18. Research On Dispersion Compensation Technologies In 40Gbps Single Channel Optical Fiber Communication
19. Theoretical Analysis Of Dispersion Properties Of Photonic Crystal Fibers
20. The Structural Design And The Characteristic Analyze Of Photonic Crystal Fibers
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