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Keyword [checkpointing]
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1. Fault-Tolerance Techniques Research For The Parallel CFD Application Software Framework
2. Research On Fault Tolerance And Security Routing For Mobile Computing
3. Job Management System For Cluster
4. Achieving Fault-Tolerance And High-Performance In Grid Applications
5. Research And Implementation Of High-availability MPI Parallel Programming Environment And Parallel Programming Methods
6. Research Of Fast Commit And Highly Efficient Recovery Method For Parallel Main Memory Database
7. Research On Recovery-Oriented Fault-Tolerant Computing Technique
8. Study And Implementation Of Application-Level Checkpointing
9. Study And Implementation Of Fault Tolerance For OpenMP Programs
10. Study And Implementation Of Fault Tolerance For Heterogeneous Parallel Computer
11. Key Technologies Of Performance Optimization For Virtual Machine Live Migration
12. The Research And Implementation Of Checkpoint Technology Based On WinNT
13. The Checkpointing Technology And Realization Of Computer Immunology System GECISM
14. Fault-Tolerant Of MPI Programs Based On Rollback Recovery
15. Index-based Quasi-synchronous Checkpointing Protocols In Distributed Systems
16. Research And Implement Of Recovery In Main Memory Database
17. Cluster Oriented Fault Tolerance For MPI Parallel Applications
18. Incorporating File I/O Into Checkpointing Under Clusters Environment
19. Tracing And Replay Mechanism For Concurrent Programs' Debugging
20. Research On Fault-Tolerance Technology For Message-Passing System
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