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1. Periodic Detection And Resistance In Chaotic Sequence Ciphers
2. Researches On Chaotic Signal Generating, Processing With Applications In Communication Systems
3. Study On Chaotic Spread Spectrum Communication Technology And Its Application
4. Research On The Orthonormal Bases Of Compactly Supported Wavelets And Application To Digital Watermark
5. Chaotic Light Of Ocdma Systems Address The Encoding And Decoding Scheme,
6. Research On Content Secure Protection Of Digital Video Broadcast
7. A Study On Invisible Digital Image Watermarking Technology
8. A Study On Chaos Theory And Its Application In Information Security And Optimization
9. A Search Of Chaotic Sequence Generator And Chaotic Spread Spectrum Sequence
10. Study On The Application Of Chaotic Sequence Encryption
11. The Research Of Application In Spread Spectrum Transmitter Based On Software Radio
12. Chaotic Digital Watermarking And Application Research
13. Research Of Image Encryption Algorithms Based On JPEG2000
14. Research On Reducing Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Of Mc-CDMA
15. Research On Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based On Chaos
16. Chaotic Sequence And Its Applied Research In Communication System
17. Generating Chaotic Frequency Hopping Sequences And Its Applications In Frequency Hopping Communication
18. Digital Audio Watermarking Blind Detecting Algorithm Based On Chaotic Sequence
19. Blind Watermark Algorithms Based On HVS In DCT Domain
20. Research Of Adaptive Multistep Information Hiding Algorithm In Digital Watermarking
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