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1. A Study On Magnetic Coupling In Multilayer Structures With Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy
2. “reverse Engineering” Of Porous Anodic Alumina — Investigations On Etching
3. Investigation Of Optical Characteristics Of Ⅲ-Nitride Quantum Well
4. Research On Microwave Engineering Applications Of Novel Electromagnetic Metamaterials
5. Syntheses And Properties Of Novel Laterally Fluoro-substituted Liquid Crystals With Negative Dielectric Anisotropy
6. Study On The Torsional Effect Of Piezoelectric Quartz Disc And Manufacture Of A New-type Torque Sensor
7. FEM In 3D Anisotropic EEG Forward Problem And CIT
8. Application Of Spherical Vector Wave Function To Electromagnetic Scattering By Anisotropic Media
9. Studies On Photochromic Properties Of Fulgide And Its Applications
10. Investigation Of Organic Photochromic Materials In Holography And Optical Information Processing
11. Applications Of Circuit Model For Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Functional Devices
12. Research On Characteristics And Structures Of Eqivalent Metamaterials
13. Research On The Method For Different-source Image Fusion And Its Evaluation
14. Research On Electromagnetic Induction And The Propagation Of Low Frequency Electromagnetic Wave In An Inhomogeneous Medium
15. Research On Key Technologies Of Multisource Image Fusion
16. Research On Polarized Polymer Light-emitting Diodes
17. Theoretical And Experimental Research For Atomic Optical Filter Based On Laser Induced Optical Anisotropy
18. Strain And Polarization Induced Band Engineering And The Transport Dynamics Of Semiconductors
19. FDTD Method Applied To Analyzing The Scattering Of Three Dimensional Anisotropic Media
20. Study On Technology Of Electrochemical Micromachining Of Silicon Microchannel Array
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