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Keyword [all-optical regeneration]
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1. Theoretical And Experimental Study Of Photonic Crystal Fibers And Related Optoelectronics Technology In Communications
2. Researches On All-optical Functional Devices Of Microstructured Fibers
3. Research On Short Pulse Compression On Optic Parametric Amplifier And All-optical Regeneration Of Phase Modulated Signal
4. Research Of All-Optical 2R Regeneration Based On Microstructured Fiber
5. Investigation On All-Optical Regeneration Based On Self-Phase Modulation
6. Research On High Nonlinear And Dispersion Flattened Microstructured Fibers
7. Investigation Of Optical Decision Based On Semiconductor-Fiber Ring Laser
8. All-optical Regeneration Technology In Optical Packet Switching Applied Research
9. Investigation Of Timing Jitter On All-Optical Regeneration Based On Self-Phase Modulation
10. Simulation Research On All-Optical Regeneration Of RZ-DQPSK Signals
11. Based On The Optical Fiber Of Four-wave Mixing Signal In Orthopedic Research
12. Research Of Fiber Optic Four-wave Mixing Regeneration Technologies
13. Research On All-optical Regeneration Technology Based On Magneto-optic And Four-wave Mixing Effects
14. Research On Key Techniques In Ultra-large Capacity Multiple Wavelength All-optical Regeneration And In OEO Based High-precision Absolute Distance Measurements Over A Long Range
15. Research On All-optical Regeneration Based On Magneto-optical Four Wave Mixing
16. Design And Implementation Of Magnetically-Controllable Optical Fiber Interference Device
17. Design Of All-Optical Regeneration Integrated Chips And Their Performance Test
18. Research On Phase Sensitive Amplifiers In The Application Of All Optical Regeneration And Multicasting Of QPSK Signal
19. Research On Dynamic Transfer Characteristics Of All-optical Regenerators
20. Research On All-optical Regeneration Technology In Coherent Communication System
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