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1. Analysis And Control For T- Fuzzy Singular System With Time-delay
2. The Characteristic Of Left Invertible Semigroups And The Stability Analysis Of Systems With Input Time Delay
3. Study Of Stability Analysis And Related Control Problems For General Periodic Descriptor Systems
4. A Study On The Legal Evidence Status Of The Electronic Documents
5. Authorized Service Center End Customers To The Admissibility Of The System Design
6. Uncertain Time-delay Singular Systems Robust H_ Control
7. Study On The Dissipativity Of Generalized Delta Operator System
8. Analyse And Design Of Mayor's Mailbox System
9. Static Output Feedback Control For Descriptor Systems
10. HMM-Based Admissibility Estimation Algorithm For Heterogeneous Networks
11. Call Center Design And Implementation Of The Admissibility Of The Information And Data Processing Systems Failure,
12. Admissibility Analysis And Control Of Singular Time-Delay Systems
13. Design And Implementation Of Shijiazhuang Unicom Broadband Pre-Admissibility System
14. Generalized Time-varying Delay Lpv Systems Of Time-delay Dependent Robust H_ Up Filter
15. The Xinjiang Foreign Trade Hall A Hall Type Office System In The Research And Application
16. The Realization Of Jinzhou Netcom Company Network Management System For The Central Obstacle To The Admissibility
17. Research On The Problem Of The Admissibility For The Singular Markovian Jump Systems With Time-delay
18. Stability Analysis And Design Of Discrete-time Singular System Subject To Actuator Saturation
19. The Research Of Focus Admissibility And Optimal Loading On Rail Freight
20. The Admissibility And Dissipativity Analysis For Discrete Singular Time-delay Systems
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