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Keyword [absorption coefficient]
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1. The Evanescence Character Of Optical Microfiber And Research On Micropollutant Detection
2. On Absorption Parameter In Tissue Optical Imaging
3. Dynamic Research Of High-energy Laser Ablation Of Target
4. Determination Of Thickness And Optical Constants Of Metal Films And Research Of Oscillating-Field Sensors Based On Symmetrical Metal-Clad Waveguide
5. Study Of An Automatic System For Monitoring Sediment With γ Ray And Velocity Of River Flow
6. Simulation Of Light-Activated SiC-based Power Devices
7. Studies On Reconstruction Algorithm For Optical Tomography Under Robin Boundary Condition
8. Opto-acoustic Tomography And Influnence By Tissue Optical Coefficient
9. Studies On Reconstruction Algorithm For Optical Tomography
10. Research On Absorption Efficiency Of Double Cladding Fiber Laser
11. The Design Of White-light Interferometer And Its Application For Liquid Level And Absorption Coefficient Measurement
12. Research And Application Of Rare Earth Doped Fiber
13. Primary Investigation Of THz Laser Transmittion Imaging Technique
14. Study Of Yb-doped Double-clad Fibers
15. Simulation Of Photonic Diffusion In Random Laser
16. Growth Of Cr4+:YAG Crystal And Analysis On Defects
17. Large-screen Projection Display Liquid Crystal Light Valve Vopc, The Preparation Of Cdte Composite Optical Absorption Layer
18. Temperature Effects Of Electro-optic Crystal Materials
19. Millimeter Wave Radiometer Remote Sensing Of Atmospheric Temperature Profiles Of The Study
20. Laser Thermal Effect Analysis And Femtosecond Z-scan Measurement Method Of Application,
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