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1. Investigations On Microstructures Of ZnO Films And One-dimensional ZnO On Silicon Substrates
2. Fabrication And Characterization Of One-dimensional Semiconductor Nanomaterials
3. Synthesis And Characteristics Of Ordered One-dimensional Nanostructured Semiconductor Materials
4. The Synthesis And Properties Of Aligned ZnO Nanowire Arrays
5. Zno Nanowire Photoluminescence (pl) Behavioral Research
6. New Dynamic Random Memory Design And ZnO Nanowires / Si Heterojunction
7. Self-powered Ultraviolet(UV) Sensor
8. Semiconductor Nanowire Assembly And ZnO Nanowire Based Random Lasing
9. Fabrication Of ZnO Nanowire Photodetectors And Surface Passivation
10. Self-powered Active Gas Sensor Based On ZnO Nanowire Arrays
11. Preparation And Properties Of GaN Based LED And ZnO Nanowire
12. Research On Enhanced Effect Of ZnO Nanowire Arrays Ultraviolet Detection
13. Fabrication And Properties Of Glucose Biosensor Based On Metallic Oxide Nanostructured Materials
14. ZnO Nanowire Pn Junction Ultraviolet Detector:Fabrication And Photoelectric Properties
15. Design And Characterization Of The Semiconductor Nanowires/Microwires Device
16. The UV Light And Electrical Dual Modulationsof The Adsorbed Oxygen In The Ag/ZnO Nanowire Schottky Barrier
17. Development Of Fabrication And Sensing Property Based On Optical Fiber-ZnO Hybrid Structure
18. Interaction Between Electromechanical Field And Carrier In Typical Piezoelectric Semiconductor Structures
19. Study On Piezoelectrically Controlled LEDs And QLED Based On ZnO Nanowire Arrays
20. Heterojunction Enhanced Piezo-Gas Sensing Performances Of ZnO Nanocomposite Through Modulating Surface Energy Band Structures
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