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1. Research On Biology Collaboration: Scientific Software Sharing, Selection And Recommendation
2. Work Function Tuning Of Magnetic Field, Electric Field, Stress And Interfacial Microstructure For Metal Gate And Metal/High K Gate
3. The Study Of Novel Spatial Query Processing Techniques In Complex Spatial Environments
4. Study On Coordinating Work Mechanism Of Distributed Organizations Based On Psycho-social Factors
5. Research Of Public Key Cryptography Based On Chebyshev Polynomials And The Related Work
6. Research On Temporal Graph Processing Techniques
7. Research Of Ideological Guidance On Public Opinion Of The Changing Circumstances Of Media Pattern
8. Study On The Mechanism Of Surface Modification And Work Function Change Of ITO By Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation
9. Research On The Multi-Agent Based Distributed CAPP And Process Information Management
10. Research On Virtual Environment And Process Management Technology For Virtual Manufacturing
11. Research On Key Issues Of Distributed Virtual Environments
12. Research On Collaborative Virtual Manufacturing Oriented Distributed Supporting Environment
13. Research On Group Communication For Cooperative Work In WANs
14. Research On Computer Supported Collaborative Design Framework And Some Key Technologies
15. Study On Mould Pricing System Based On Product Collaborative Work Platform
16. Research On Advanced Data Processing Based Smart Load Cell
17. Virtual Reality Cooperated Simulation Modeling And Its Application
18. Study And Implementation Of Computer Supported Cooperative Design System
19. Research On Optimal Data Transport Mechanism In Real-Time Collaborative Pattern Designing System
20. Representation And Acquisition Of A Procedural Knowledge Interaction Based And Its Realization
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