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Keyword [Wavelet transform]
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1. Study Of Key Techniques In Compression Of Ultra-high-definition Images With Constrained Resource
2. Block Adaptive Compressed Sensing With Coevolution Optimization And Image Prior
3. Study On GPU-based High Performance Decoding Methods For Remote Sensing Images
4. The Research And Application Of Mathematical Morphology In Image Edge Detection And Machine Vision
5. Study On The Key Technologies Of Compressed Sengsing Based On Structural Characteristics Of Signal
6. Research On Vision-based Road Environment Understanding Technology For Autonomous Vehicles
7. Research On Medical Image Fusion Method Based On Multi-scale Transform
8. Study Of Multi Modal Biometric Fusion Method Under Non-contact Conditions
9. The Research Of Image Retrieval Methods Based On Muti-resolution And Saliency Feature
10. Recognition Of Human Action And Identity In Video Sequences
11. Research On Methods For Pixel-level Multi-source Image Fusion
12. The Research Of Cube Of Interest Protection Based Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Compression
13. Multi-spectral Image Fusion With Projection Substitution And Low-rank Sparse Matrix Decomposition
14. Key Technology Research Of JPEG2000 Chip Implementation For Wireless Applications
15. Research On The Fast Matching Method For Remote Sensing Image Based On SoC Technology
16. Research On Technologies Of GMI Magnetic Sensor And Magnetic Anomaly Detection
17. Research On The Key Technology Of Multicarrier System Based On Complex Wavelet Analysis In
18. Study On Fractal Method For Radar Signal Detection
19. FDTD Method For Lossy,Dispersive Stratified Earth With Applications To Impulse Ground Penetrating Radar
20. Research On Target Detection And Its Related Topics Of Synthetic Aperture Radar
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