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Keyword [Wavelength tunable]
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1. The Study On Characteristics Of All Solid-state Mid-infrared Two Micrometer Lasers
2. Research On Wavelength Tunable Semiconductor Lasers Based On Novel Micro-nano Structures
3. Self-Seeding Gain-Switching Experimental System For Generation Of Wavelength-Tunable Optical Short Pulse And Theoretical Study
4. Research On Long-Wavelength, Tunable Photodetector And Its Key Fabrication Technologies For WDM Demultiplexing Receiving Application
5. Investigation Of Low-Temperature Wafer Bonding And Long-Wavelength Tunable Integrated Optical Demultiplexing And Receiving Device For WDM Application
6. Acousto-optic Wavelength-tunable Erbium-doped Fiber Ring Laser
7. Electrically Pumped Wavelength-tunable Random Lasing From ZnO-based Films On Si And Related Physical Mechanism
8. Wavelength Tunable Erbium-doped Fiber Ring Laser
9. Study On Same Space Dual-wavelength Tunable TEA CO2 Laser
10. Research On Isospace Three-wavelength Tunable TEA CO2 Laser
11. The Study On An All-solid-state Quasi-continuous Dual-wavelength Tunable Ti3+: Sapphire Laser And THz Radiation Via Optical Difference Frequency Generation
12. Tunable Yb3+-doped Double-clad Fiber Lasers
13. Wavelength Tunable Fiber Lasers Based On Sampled Bragg Gratings
14. Wavelength Tunable Semiconductor Laser Design And Manufacturing Process
15. Coupler Based On Erbium-doped Fiber Laser
16. Novel Wavelength Tunable Lasers
17. Study On Passively Graphene Mode-Locked Soliton Erbium-Doped Fiber Lasers
18. The Design And Fabrication Of A Slot-DBR Laser Based On Deep-Submicron Slots
19. Dual-band Infrared Detector Wavelength Tunable Structure Research
20. Integrated LiNb3Waveguide E-field Sensor Based On Asymmetric LiNb3M-Z Interferometer
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