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Keyword [Video Coding]
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1. Research On Rate-distortion Optimization For High Efficiency Video Coding
2. Research On The Key Technology Of High Efficiency Video Coding
3. Study On Improving The Coding Performance Of Depth Coding For Three Dimentional Video
4. Algorithms On The High Efficient Compression And Resource Allocation For Three-dimensional Video
5. Researchs On HEVC Based Video Coding Mechanisms And Video Transmission Mechanisms Over Wireless Networks
6. Research On The Theories And Methods Of High Efficiency Video Coding And Its Perceptual Quality Assessment
7. Research On U-SoC On-chip Cloud Architecture For Video Coding Application
8. Research On Rate Control Of HEVC For High-resolution Aerial Video
9. Research On The Acceleration Algorithms Of High Efficiency Video Coding Standard
10. Research On Key Technologiesof H.264/HEVC Video Coding & Decoding Standard
11. Resources Optimization And Control In The Energy Harvesting Heterogeneous Network
12. Resource Allocation Algorithm In LTE Transmission Systems
13. Scalable Video Transmission Over Cellular Networks
14. View Synthesis And Video Coding For 3D Video
15. Research On Depth Based Multiview Video Coding And Image Enhancement
16. Researches On Rate Control And Affine Prediction For HEVC
17. Stochastic Optimization And Control In Heterogenous Networks
18. A Video Coding Algorithm And Hardware Architecture Based On HEVC
19. Research On Entropy Coding For Video And Image Compression
20. Key Techniques Research On GPU Parallel Computing Targeted On Applications
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