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Keyword [Ultrashort pulse]
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1. Research On Novel Mode-locked Fiber Lasers And Their Dynamics
2. The Research On Nonlinear Pulse Dynamics In Passively Mode-locked Fiber Lasers
3. The Nonlinear Propagation Of Ultrashort Pulse In The Silicon Waveguides
4. Studies On The Techniques Of Nonlinear Photoconductive Semiconductor Switches High Power Ultrashort Pulse Generators
5. Experimental And Theoretical Studies On Ultrashort Pulse Lasers
6. Improving The Contrast Ratio Of High Power Femtosecond Laser By Using Of OPCPA Technique
7. Theoretical Study On Stability And Noise Suppression Of Regeneratively Mode Locking Lasers
8. Suppression Of The Nonlinear Kerr Effect In Optical Fiber Communication Systems By Dispersion Management And Optical Phase Conjugation
9. Study On Functional Devices Of Photonic Crystal Fibers
10. Theorectical And Experimental Study On Femtosecond Pulse Propagation In Temperature Controlled Noble Gas
11. Theoretical And Experimental Studies On Nd:YAG Ceramic Lasers And Investigations On Light Diffusion In TiO2 Random Media
12. Research On Adaptive Amplification Of Ultrashort Pulses And Beam Shaping & Coupling Technologies For Laser Diode Bars
13. Precise Control Of Ultrashort Pulse Laser In The Time And Frequency Domain
14. Study On Properties Of Reflection Volume Grating And Its Application In Spectral Beam Combining
15. Krf Excimer Laser Amplification Ultraviolet Ultrashort Pulse
16. Ultrashort Pulse Fiber Optical Parametric Effect
17. Research Of Laser-transmission Technique Of High-energy Ultrashort Pulse-laser Systems
18. The Study Of Controlling Ultrashort Pulse's Trans-mission In NLDC
19. The Interaction Between Laser And Organic System
20. Propagation And Interacion On Ultrashort Optical Pulses In Optical Fiber
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