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Keyword [Time-delay]
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1. Output Feedback Regulation For Several Classes Of Feedforward Nonlinear Systems
2. A Study On Fiber Optic Sensor Employing Time Delay Estimation For Disturbance Detection And Location
3. Research On H∞ Quantized Feedback Control For Networked Control System With Markov Characteristics
4. Research On Fault Diagnosis And Fault-tolerant Control Of Time-delay Systems
5. Research On Direction Finding And Location Algorithms For Wideb And Signal
6. Several Classes Of Observers Design Based On Time Varying Lyapunov Function Method
7. Robust Stability Analysis And Control Of Some Classes Of Nonlinear Stochastic Systems
8. Research On Stabilization And Filtering For Time-delay Systems And Its Applications
9. Research On Localization Algorithms For Moving Target Based On Multiple Parameters
10. Reserch Of Identication And Internal Model Contorl For Non-Square Multivariable System With Time Delay
11. Design Of Scheduling Protocols And Treatment Of Time-delay In Networked Control Systems
12. Research On The Force Feedback Master Manipulator And Time Delay Control Of Teleoperation Orthopaedic Surgery System
13. Research On Key Problems Of Statistical Time Characteristic For Embedded Internet Based On Macroscopic Topology
14. Structural Analysis And H_∞ Control For Some Classes Of Positive Systems
15. Analysis And Control For T- Fuzzy Singular System With Time-delay
16. Finite Frequency Analysis And Synthesis Based On Generalized KYP Lemma
17. Robust Stability Analysis For Uncertain Time-Delay Lur’e System
18. On Control Design Of Bilateral Teleoperation Systems With Time Delays
19. Study On Channel Modeling And Signal Parameter Estimation For HF Communication Based On Alpha Stable Distribution
20. Controller Design And Performance Analysis For Networked Teleoperation System
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