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Keyword [Theorem Proving]
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1. Constraint Solving And Formal Verification With MSVL
2. Approximate Reasoning—Investigation Of Polynomial Algebraic Dynamic Logic
3. Lattice-Valued Logical System And Automated Reasoning Based On Lattice Implication Algebra
4. Formal Theories And Methods For Security Protocol Analysis
5. The Research On The Extension Rule Based Theorem Proving
6. IGeo: A Theorem Prover Of The Intelligent Geometry Software
7. The Parallel Algorithm Research Of Mechanical Geometry Theorem Proving
8. Formalizing Type Safety Of The Java Virtual Machine
9. The Formal Verification Techniques For The Timed System Using Timed Automata
10. Formal Verification Technology For Object-Oriented Software
11. Study On Algebra Methods For Cryptographic Protocol Verification
12. Research On Some Automated Reasoning Methods For Logic
13. Research On Visually Dynamic Presentation Of Proofs In Plane Geometry
14. Internet Of Things Sensor Network Security Protocol
15. Study On The Application Of Formal Verification
16. Program Synthesis Based On General Resolution
17. Exploitation And Application Of Mizar Language
18. Design And Implementation Of Program Synthesis Based On Resolution Principle
19. The Constructions Of A Parallel Interactive Theorem Prover
20. Research On Automatic Theorem Proving Based On Grid Computation
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