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1. Fast Template Matching Methods And Their Applications In Eyebrow Recognition
2. Study On Key Technologies Of Online Vision Measurement For Large Scale Parts
3. Research On Key Technologies And Applications Of High Speed Vision System For Dynamic Measurement
4. Research Of Object Detection Based On Contours
5. The Research Of Integrated Circuit Chip Image Processing Technique
6. Traffic Image Detection And Processing Methods
7. Human Eye Localization And Face Recognition Based On Binary Edge Map
8. A Study On Machine Vision Identification For Standing Tree Branches And Trunks
9. Image Matching For Depth Recovery And Shape Recognition
10. A Study Of Off-line Chinese Signature Verification
11. Approaches To Text Information Extraction In Natural Scene
12. Research On Grave Stone Art-carving In Southern Sichuan Of Southern Song Dynasty And Computer Image Identification Application
13. Study On Automatic Portrait Generation Based On And-or Graph Representation
14. Study On Fast Multi-Pose Face Detection In Complex Background
15. Study On Key Algorithm Of Digital Image Mosaic
16. Object Detection And Recognition Based On Context
17. Research On Robotic Visual Servoing And Networked Control System
18. Infrared Target Detection And Tracking In Complex Background
19. Research On Detection Methods Of Breast Mass In Mammography
20. Research On Recovery Of Dynamic Information From Handwritten Chinese Character Images
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