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Keyword [Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)]
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1. Research On Synthetic Aperture Imaging And Ground Moving Target Indication Based On MIMO SAR System
2. Research On Synchronization, Imaging And Interferometric Application Techniques For The Bsar Based On Spaceborne Illuminators
3. Reseach On High Resolution Wide Swath Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging Mode And Algorithm
4. Research On Cs-sar Imaging Theory And Algorithms Based On Sparse Representation In The Fractional Fourier Domain
5. Research On The ISAR Imaging Based On The Non-searching Estimation Technique Of Motion Parameters
6. Interference Suppression For Space-borne SAR And Precise Imaging Of Space Object
7. Performance Improving Techniques For Synthetic Aperture Radar-ground Moving Target Indication
8. Study On Multi-mode SAR Imaging Algorithm And Parameter Estimation Method
9. New Signal Compensation Techniques For High Resolution SAR/ISAR Imaging
10. Research On High-resolution SAR Image Segmentation And Classification Methods
11. Study On Fast Back-Projection Algorithms For Airborne SAR Imaging
12. Moving Targets Parameters Fast Estimation Techniques In SAR-GMTI System
13. Study On The Sparsity-based SAR Image Target Recognition
14. Study On High Resolution Radar Unambiguous Imaging And Motion Compensation
15. High Precision Deformation Measurement Using Ground Based Synthetic Aperture Radar(GBSAR) Based On Dynamic Persistent Scatterer(PS) Technique
16. Research On Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Of Buildings From High-Resolution SAR Data
17. System Characteristic And Imaging Algorithm Study On Bistatic Forward-looking High-speed Maneuvering-platform SAR
18. Study On Airborne Spotlight SAR Imaging And Motion Compensation With High-Resolution
19. Study On Fast Time Domain SAR Imaging And Three Dimensional SAR Motion Compensation Methods
20. Study On Imaging Algorithms For Circular Trace Scanning SAR
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