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Keyword [Steerable Pyramid]
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1. Statistical Learning Theory-based Iris Recognition Study
2. Remote Sensing Image Fusion And Applications
3. Research And Application On Multi-Sensory Image Fusion At Pixel Level
4. Methodology On Feature Extraction And Descriptors In Iris Recognition
5. Research On Key Techniques Of Guidance System Of Stand-off Air To Surface Missile
6. Learning-Based Image Super-Resolution
7. Statistic Model And Simulation Of Infrared Cloudy Sky Images
8. Face Detection And Super-Resolution
9. Research In SAR Speckle Suppression Methods
10. Research On Partial Similarity Measure Iris Recognition Alogrithm Based On Local Features
11. Research On Script Identification Based On Texture Feature Of Document Images
12. Image Denoising Based On Statistical Model And Non-local Means Algorithm
13. Research On Key Technologies Of Multiscale Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction
14. Objective Quality Evaluation Method Of Stereo Image Based On HVS And Region Matching
15. Research On Several Key Problems Of Content-based Image Retrieval
16. Research On Image Denoising Algorithms Based On Contourlet Transform
17. Research On Dual-spectrum Night Vision Image Color Synthesis Real-time Processing Technology
18. Blind Identification Algorithm Of Photorealistic Computer Graphics Based On LTCP Features
19. Research On Near-infrared Image Enhancement Algorithm
20. Research On Principles And Methods Of Sound Source Localization
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