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Keyword [State estimation]
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1. Stability Analysis And Filtering Problem For Neural Networks With Time Delays
2. State Estimation Using Quantized Innovations In Wireless Sensor Networks
3. Research Of Nonlinear Filtering And Control Theories And Its Application Based On Minimum Model Error Criterion
4. Strong Tracking State Estimation And Swarm Identification
5. Satisfactory Control And Estimation Of Linear Periodic Multirate Systems
6. State Estimation And Robust Stabilization For Stochastic 2D Linear Discrete Systems
7. Research On Airborne Multi-sensor Information Fusion
8. Studies Of Quantum System Control Methods Based On Lyapunov And Optimal Control Theory
9. Hybrid Model Based Soft-Sensor Techniques Research And Applications In Fermentation Process
10. Study On Multirate Sensor Based State Fusion Estimation And Multiresolution Image Fusion Algorithms
11. The Research On Objects Tracking In Image Sequences
12. State Estimation For Descriptor Linear Systems
13. Research On State Estimation And Data Association Of Motion Targets
14. State Estimation And Indefinite Linear Quadratic Control For Generalized Systems
15. Research On Control Problems Of Networked Control Systems
16. Application And Analysis Of Spatial Polarization Characteristics For Antenna
17. State Estimation With Incomplete Measurements And Observer Platform Maneuver Model For TMA
18. Research On Airborne Multi-Sensor-Multi-Target Data Fusion
19. State Estimation For Markovian Random Delayed Systems
20. Information Fusion And Its Application In Transportation Surveillance
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