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Keyword [Speaker recognition]
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1. Research On Deep Learning Models And Algorithms For Speaker Recognition
2. Research On The Discrimination Issue In Speaker Recognition
3. Robust Speaker Recognition Based On Sparse Coding
4. The Research Of Speaker Recognition Based On Mutual Information Theory
5. Research On Robustness Of Speaker Recognition System
6. Speaker Recognition Based On Nonlinear Dynamics And Information Fusion
7. Research On Support Vector Machine For Speaker Recognition
8. Theory Research And Application Of Speaker Recognition Based On Fuzzy Clustering And Genetic Algorithms
9. Research On Vector Quantization Codebook Design And Application
10. Research On Speaker Recognition In Noisy Environment
11. Speaker Recognition In Noisy Environments
12. Research On Varying And Clustering Based Emotion Robust Speaker Recognition
13. Speaker Recognition Research Based On Chinese Vowel Mapping Methods
14. Underdetermined Blind Source Separation Algorithms And Their Applications In Speech Signal Processing
15. Robustness Study Using Missing Feature Theory For Text-Independent Speaker Recognition
16. Study On Speech Feature Extraction Algorithm In Speaker Recognition System
17. Research On Feature Extraction And Robust Technology For Speaker Identification
18. Research On Emotional Speaker Recognition And Its Solutions
19. Robust Speech Feature Extraction Methods Based On Computational Auditory Perception And Tensor Models
20. A Research On Information Fusion Algorithms In Voice Biometrics
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