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1. Research On Novel Mode-locked Fiber Lasers And Their Dynamics
2. Optimal Design Of Highly Nonlinear Photonic Crystal Fibers And Research On Raman Soliton Self-Frequency Shift
3. Research On The Theory And Applications Of The Novel Actively Mode-locked Fiber Laser
4. Research On Square-Wave Pulse In Passively Mode-Locked Fiber Laser
5. Study On The Cross-section Structure Information Extraction Of Actual Microstructured Optical Fiber And The Characteristics Of Ultra-short Pulse Propagation
6. Mode-Locked Soliton Fiber Lasers Based On Specialty Fiber Grating Devices
7. Theoretical And Experimental Studies Of The Generation Of All-Solid-State Multi-Wavelength Femtosecond Laser
8. Research On Phase-Sensitive Amplifiers In The Application Of Fiber Communication System
9. Studies On Stable Transmission Of Optical Pulse In Inhomogeneous Fiber Systems
10. Research On The Evolution And Self-deflection Property Of Screening-photovoltaic Spatial Optical Solitons
11. Study Of Tunable Optical Soliton Source Based On Regeneratively Mode-locked Fiber Laser
12. Characteristic Study Of The Optical Soliton Propagating In The Fiber
13. On The Self-Similarities And Communication Limits Of Optical Solitons Propagating In Fibers
14. Studies On Transmission Of Optical Pulses In Variable Parameter Fiber Systems
15. Studies On Transmission Of Optical Pulses And Optical Waves In Inhomogeneous Fibers And Waveguides
16. Numerical Study On Optical Soliton Propagation System With 40Git/s In Photonic Crystal Fibers
17. Propagation Characteristics Of Chirped Pulses In Optical Fiber Communication Systems
18. Symbolic Computation On The Integrable Properties And Physical Applications Of Some Nonlinear Models
19. Research On Long Distance Stable Soliton Transmission And Triangular-Shaped Optical Pulses
20. Lasers And Nonlinear Effects In Waveguides Of Optical Crystals
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