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1. Study Of Several Key Problems In Biometrics Based On Machine Learning Techniques
2. Temporal-Spatial Interpolation For Image And Video Upsampling Technology
3. Research On 3D Model Retrieval Based On Sparse Representation
4. Research On Sparse Representation Based Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction Method
5. Target Appearance Modeling And Similarity Measure In Visual Tracking
6. Study Of γ Spectrum Characteristic Recognition Technology Based On Similarity
7. Research On Social User Model And Its Applications In Recommendation Systems
8. Study On Secure Search Over Encrypted Data In The Cloud
9. Research On Efficient Continuous Data Collection Techniques For Wireless Sensor Networks
10. Research On Ontology Based Approaches For Disease Data Integration And Mining
11. Research On Immunology Principles Based Word Representation And Its Application
12. Research Of Nonparallel Hyperplane Classifier Algorithms
13. Study On Key Techniques Of Web Focused Entity Relation Query Processing And Analysing
14. Research On Novel Denoising Algorithm For MR Images Based On Structural Similarity
15. Study On The Key Technologies Of Compressed Sengsing Based On Structural Characteristics Of Signal
16. Study On Image Super Resolution Through Neighbor Embedding
17. Study Of Feature Extraction Approaches For Color Face Images
18. Key Technologies And Applications Of Visual Data Recognition Based On Sparse Representation And Self-similarity
19. Human Motion Estimation Based On The Probability Model Of The Latent Variable
20. Some Issues Of Text Mining For Network Information
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