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Keyword [SURF features]
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1. Face Recognition Based On Scale Invariant Features
2. Research On Video Mosaic Based On Surf
3. Research And Application Of High-Density Crowd Counting Method
4. Stuady On The Method Of Video Object Tracking Based On Local Image Features
5. The Research Of Object Tracking Algorithm Based On Compressed Sensing
6. 3D Reconstruction Based On Kinect And Textile Simulation System
7. Traffic Sign Recognition And HMI Design In Intelligent Transportation System
8. An Abnormal Detection Algorithm Of The EMU Bottom Based On The SURF Features Of The Track-side Image
9. The Design And Development Of Face Attendance System
10. Research On Food Image Classification Algorithm Based SVM
11. Object Recognition And Localization Based On RGB-D Data
12. Research On Object Classification And Scene Localization Based On Machine Vision
13. High-resolution Fingerprint Image Pore Detection Method
14. Research On Image-based 3d Reconstruction
15. A System For Automatic Inspection Of Printed Circuit Board Defects Based On Machine Vision
16. Research On Target Tracking Algorithm Based On Color Features And SURF Features
17. Research On Passive Forensics Of Digital Image Copy Move Forgery
18. Logo Recognition Research Based On Improved SURF Features
19. Research On Target Tracking Methods Based On SURF Features
20. Design Of Identification System Based On Palm Vein
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